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I don’t make art to impress anyone;

I make art to myself.
Who am I

Delving into the Depths of Self: The Art of Mengu

In the realm of art, where creativity knows no bounds, Mengu stands as a beacon of authenticity, her brushstrokes echoing the depths of her soul. Her art is not a mere performance for an audience; it is a raw, unfiltered journey into her innermost being, a quest to unravel the hidden truths that lie dormant within.

For Mengu, art is not about impressing or dazzling; it is about confronting, revealing, and embracing the complexities of her own existence. Her paintings, imbued with a profound sense of intimacy, invite the viewer into a realm where artifice is stripped away, leaving only the raw, unfiltered essence of the artist herself.

Mostro del Festival
Nightmare Inc.
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Skull Patchwork Jean Vest
Raven and Yggdrasil
Skull Pencil Skirt
Tulip Design Vintage Skirt
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Generative Kandinsky
Looping Noise
Infinite Tunnel
3D Subdivided Shape
Light Exercise
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Own a Piece of Art That Speaks to Your Soul

Commissioning Art

My commission process is tailored to each client’s individual needs and preferences. We’ll start by discussing your ideas, inspirations, and desired style. I’ll then create sketches and mockups for your approval before embarking on the final masterpiece.

Ordering Existing Artwork

If you’ve fallen in love with one of my existing pieces, I’m happy to arrange for it to be shipped directly to your home or office. Each piece is carefully packaged and insured to ensure safe delivery.


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