Thru The Looking Glass

How Thru The Looking Glass created?

I was commissioned by now-beloved-friend Giovanna to do a mural for ERIFO office. I had total liberty – except for the only thing; I had to create something to uplift people. And no monsters 🙂 The office is a step down the long way bureaucratic road of an Italian seeking job facility. For whom has any slightest experience with italian bureaucracy is easily understandable, it is already frustrating and time-consuming route by itself. Within the fact of joblessness, you can easily imagine how would it be difficult to create something uplifting. And even without monsters!

Time passed by as I sought any inspiration and as always inspiration came by an unexpected flame. I was reading Alice In Wonderland and I asked myself what if this journey was lived by not annoying spoiled brat but by us, creative spirits, adventure seekers? The original narrative was a story of growing old, nostalgia for long-lost childhood and ironically also a didactic teaching for kids about how to grow up. Growing up is dull. We should better keep wondering about the world. So, in my storyline, I first got rid of annoying Alice. She was too “grown up” to enter the wonderland. As I was imagining myself, an artist as protagonist, I realized there were also yet untold stories to invent, and those perfectly fit the “uplifting” aim!



acrilics, wood, fiber, argilla, mirror, wire, fabric

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