Art is a tool for confronting artist’s self rather than charming the audience. Casting out the realities beneath the surface which is hidden even from one’s self is the trademark of real art. The matter is never about creativity but being intimate. Just as acting, artificiality in painting /artist will be perceived instantly. I see art as the deepest confession through the soul.

I don’t make art to impress anyone; I make art to confront myself. I want to reveal the hidden truths that I often ignore or deny, even to myself. Art is not just a creative outlet for me; it is a way of being intimate and authentic with myself and others.

I let my paintings create themselves through a technique I call “circumstantial.” I don’t have a preconceived subject; I let it emerge from the colors and my subconscious. Every painting is a new discovery of myself.

I have always been an artist, ever since I was mesmerized by movies and books as a kid. They still spark my imagination and inspire me to follow my dreams. I studied fine arts on a full scholarship and graduated with Summa cum Laude honors. I also studied acting and set design in Italy, where I earned an MFA.

Now, I’m experimenting with 3D in my work and pushing myself to new heights of creativity. As a painter, designer, and cat lover, I have a unique perspective that I express in every piece I create.

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