Tree of Life

Back then, there were none.

In the hushed expanse of Nowhereland, where existence itself was as ephemeral as a wisp of smoke, I, Red, the embodiment of passion, emerged from the void. My heart pulsed with an insatiable desire, a yearning for the world to feel my fiery touch.

Green, my sibling, emerged next, his essence imbued with the promise of revival, Yet, his spirit was plagued by envy, his gaze forever fixed on my vibrant vibrancy. He sulked in the shadows, his heart yearning for the spotlight, for the power to command the attention I so effortlessly commanded.

White, the embodiment of purity and absence, materialized from the void, He was a paradox, a symbol of both nothingness and all that could be.

Cloaked in enigma, Black was the last to emerge.Rumors said he was omnipotent, but he kept his humble solitude.

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